Saturday, August 16, 2014

Beatnik Babes

Well obviously I love almost everything about 60s style and fashion. Part of what I love is how diverse it was/is. From hardcore Mods and Modettes to Dollybirds, to psychedelic bohemians to beatniks, from op art and couture to go go girls and street style to renaissance revival. Today I'm focussing on Beatnik. Because Black is Back Baby, and it's never been sexier.

Sometimes I like to dress like a Russian Ballerina come Spy. Throw in a 60s element into this, and you have Beatnik. It's also a look that was worked (and rocked) by some of my style icons, so how can I not adore it? Also - unlike Op Art where it can be costly to acquire and difficult to wear short of making a huge statement - Beatnik is understated, and easy and affordable to style.

So those icons I mentioned earlier? Pretty big names of the 60s... Audrey Hepburn. Brigitte Bardot. Ann Margret. Edie Sedgwick.

 Audrey made it look cute as hell.

Ann Margret did what she did best - fusing cute with sexy as hell while still proclaiming to the world that she was a spectacular dancer and performer in her own right. 

And Brigitte? Well... only she could make a black high collar t-shirt, long pants and a head band look like pure sex, obviously.

Ann Margret proving that you can do Beatnik in colour and print too, with a strong mod influence (while simultaneously showing that she was a goddess with any hair colour)

I adore good fashion illustration, and recently discovered Etsy seller, artist Linear Fashions. I'm now itching to buy some of their work and am pretty obsessed with the Beatnik illustrations. Here's a few favourites... (god damn I want some over the knee suede boots - damn my skinny legs and tiny feet!)

So the modern basics for Beatnik inspired looks? 

Some great black 60s shape boots (like these black suede ones:

Or some black ballet flats (ala Audrey).

A black, long sleeved leotard (either scoop neck or turtle neck) or a black and white stripe shirt.

or a black or striped boyfriend jumper (Bardot) or Sweater Girl jumper (Monroe).

Black stockings (Edie and Brigitte) or black cigarette pants (Audrey).

A black beret.

Black sunglasses and/or spectacles.

Heavy black winged liner and full lashes.

Optional: Bongos and long cigarette...

Now, go forth and Poetry Slam, you dishy philosopher-ess you.

Psychedelic Days & Mirror Selfie Ways...

So... in order to regulate this here bloggyblog more frequently, I'm forcing myself to do regular entries even if they are less, umm... curated? themed? Whatever, I'm writing about fashion so it's a step in the right direction. More specifically vintage fashion and even more specifically, 1960s - 1970s fashion. Unless otherwise stated that is generally always the loose theme of this blog.

My events company business partner and I have added a new event to our roster, "Moon Landingan evening in celebration of a time when the hair was big, lounge music was hot, and dinner parties were the place to be. One Sunday a month from 8pm, we step into a 1960s living room as the Moon CafĂ© comes alive with Space Age refreshments, swingin’ live music, and smooth company. 

So, with the spiel out the way I can tell you another excellent benefit stemming from this event... the fact that I get to dress for it!

My last post focused on 60s cocktail and lounge wear, which i have been finding some incredible pieces for (see above). But I'm also going through a phase of being obsessed with beautiful psychedelic prints. Including this pretty fab psychedelic paisley romper/swimsuit that I found on Etsy, coveted for quite a long while, and eventually bought (accordingly the next theme for GoGo Classes with The Beehives may be Beach Party or something similar).

^ And my great new shirt from awesome UK vintage seller Huzzar Huzzar. Always adore their stuff and this shirt was the winning combo of psych print + green + mod + SLEEVES!

To stick with my current late-60s-early-70s psych band statement piece theme... Flares. Pretty delighted to have discovered the great label Flare Street, which is based in Melbourne, right here in Australia. These are my first pair from them and I am already planning my 2nd and 3rd. Also convincing one of my best male friend's (and The Weapon is Sound front man) who is a bit of a Hendrix look alike that he needs to let me buy him a purple velvet pair with gold braiding up the sides. After all ... WWJD? (What Would Jimi Do?)

Another recent cheapy purchase - this killer mod polo bodysuit. Everything about it is so perfect I'll even forgive the snap crotch. While it isn't Ben Sherman, Fred Perry or John Smedley - it is an incredible cut and fit, and it cost lest than $20. Online mod clothes win.

And now to bring you a series I'm going to call: Smudgy Mirror Selfies. The great crime of any fashion blogger, I think, are bad outfit selfies - buy a DSLR! Get a tripod and a remote! OR... take awful smudgy mirror selfies because you can't be arsed getting stuff out and setting it up, or asking your boyfriend to take the shot.

 Pin-Up ridiculousness, with my American Apparel gold disco pants, and Pin Up Girl Clothing Deadly Dames top in black, with vintage black cowboy boots from Vintage Emporium in Maylands. Belted thrifted, earrings from The Retro Market.

 Mod Pirate meets Disco Hooker (Yes I'm actually happy about this). Belt from Flashback Vintage in Toronto, stockings from The Powder Room, Boots are Wittner, Blouse thrifted long ago and denim high waist shorts are Ziggy Denim (I think).

And one just for fun. My performer alter ego Lucy Watusi/Ella Jezebella all dressed up and ready to SCIENCE! Modeling for Dr Sketchy's Anti Art School as part of National Science Week. Coke + Mentos = fun. A very (VERY) last minute outfit/costume I ran around and put together. Lab coat borrowed, tartan suspenders and red bow tie by The Powder Room, Portmans skirt, lace collared blouse (unknown) and spectacles. And a beehive for all the extra science brains that wouldn't fit into my head. 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Recently, in my shopping cart

(Or, forgive me Blogland, for I have sinned - it has ACTUALLY been nearly a whole year since my last blog post here).

I think I over thought this blog a bit and then it messed with my head - SO no more bigger than Ben Hur entries, and probably a bit less rhyme and reason to them too. Just pure, unadulterated love of clothing.

So for this entry - an easy one: What I've splashed out on lately!
This entry should come with a disclaimer that my two influences of late are (as usual) the 60s - specifically 1960s James Bond films (and other 60s era fantastic kitsch spy films with banging 60s babes in them) and a little fashion trend I call 90s-does-60s. 

90s grunge is very obviously back in vogue. We have hipsters left, right and centre donning flannel and black mesh, and I welcome this (Hell, I loved the Craft and Nirvana as much as the next 80's born kid). But the look from the 90s capturing my imagination? The flash and trash of mini skirts and novelty fabrics (shiny, metallic, feathers, fur!) and prints that harked back to the 60s. Think Clueless. Think Romy and Michele's High School Reunion. Joy.

ok, so for pure 60s glamour, I'm loving sleeves. Here's what's recently acquired:

From Etsy

And as for a bit of 90s silliness? Well I required a Clueless set (duh). Need. Want. HAD to have. But where to start. There's a few on offer. For the lycra lovers, Blackmilk have done a few pieces:

For the designer lovers, one of my absolute favourite designers (and double yay, they're Australian!) is Laurel & Hector. Their Clueless inspired tartan pieces are gorgeous. They do a mix and match set including hot pants, a skirt, a cropped jacket and cigarette pants. For more of their incredible contemporary kitsch mod looks - visit

While I still think it's likely I will go back to L&H for the cigarette pants, after trying the jacket and skirt on in Los Angeles at Flamingo Vintage I found that the cut didn't exactly fit me how I wanted it to in these pieces. But I was not to be deterred in my search for Clueless glory. So you'll imagine my delight at finding this 2 piece set for a pittance:

And, as some of you may know I have a special love of watermelons.... so this may have slipped into the shopping cart too.

 Might as well make use of novelty wear while I'm still young right? After all, WWRAMD? (What Would Romy And Michele Do?)